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Anodize / Chemfilm

Novation has spend over 20 years developing it's aluminum process capability. Since our formation in 1990, Novation has continued to add anodize process capabilities that now include hard anodize, multi-color anodize, brite dip anodize, and industry specific anodize processes such as chromic acid anodize and boric-sulfuric anodize. Novation has also been at the forefront of ROHS compliant processes with the addition of ROHS chemical conversion coatings to our standard chemical conversion processes.

Novation utilizes an extensive array of masking products to provide multiple surface finishes on the same part. These products include rubber plugs, lead tape and chemical resistant tapes, and liquid masking products.

Our anodize and chromate conversion processes are certified to meet military specifications and are also approved to many OEM aerospace certifications.

For a full list of military and aerospace certifications currently supported by Novation CLICK HERE.


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